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Q: – How do I pay for the work?  Or pay a deposit?

A: – No deposit is required and payment is made on completion of the work.  Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or cash.   If payment, collection or drop off hasn’t been arranged within 6 weeks of completion, I do reserve the right to sell your guitar to cover my costs.

Q: – Will any extra work be carried out?

A: – Don’t worry you won’t get a bill for un-planned work.  Before I start to carry out any work, we will discuss your requirements and the costs involved.  If, whilst working on your guitar I find any faults, extra work or even recommendations (maybe a new nut etc.)  I will contact you and discuss costs etc. before going ahead.

Q: – What happens if my budget won’t stretch to all the things you recommend?

A: – That’s no problem, I will do the best available to me within your budget.

Q: – Can I supply my own parts?

A: – Of course you can.  I am also happy to supply parts to meet all budget types.

Q: - Whats the difference between the 3 step and 9 step fret polishing steps?

A:- The 3 step process uses fret rubbers and then polished. Its more of a clean than a high shine and wont take out any deep scratches.  

The 9 step starts at 240 grit paper, then moves up through 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 0000 wire wool, then polished.

Q: – Can I just drop my guitar off?

A: – We are not a store and work is carried out at either my home or my studio, an appointment must be made.  Please get in touch and we can arrange a time.

Q: – Where can I drop off my guitar?

A: – Drop off can be made at my home workshop just outside Maidstone in Leeds village.

Q: – Do you offer a collection and drop off service?

A: – No, this is not a service I offer.  

Q: – Can I courier my guitar to you?

A: – Yes you can, please get in contact for an address.  I would recommend using a hard case and a lot of bubble wrap etc. I cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by your couriers.  Once the work has been completed and payment made, collection by your courier can be arranged. 

Q: – How long will you have my guitar?

A: – This does depend on how busy I am, but for most jobs I aim for a 10-15 working day turn around. For more challenging jobs it may take longer, but we will keep you updated with progress.

Q: - Can I get my guitar back quicker or do you do a while you wait service?

A: -  Sadly I do not offer a while you wait service. If you need your guitar back quicker than 10-15 working days or a specific date, I can normally accommodate a quicker turn around, depending on work load, but I charge an extra 25% on top of any works carried out. If you require it back the same day, there is a £45 charge on top of any work carried out and parts etc. 

Q: - How long do I have to collect my guitar after the work is completed?

A: - Once your guitar has been booked in you will be given a collection (on or before) date. 

If your guitar is not collected by the date agreed, fees will be added for storing your guitar. 

If your guitar isn't collected with 1 month, I reserve the right to sell it to recoup my costs.  I know this sounds harsh, but space is at a premium in the workshop and I don't have room to store guitars. 

Q: – Is my guitar safe with you.

A: – All instruments brought to 81 Guitar Works are treated with the up most care and attention.  But if the worst should happen we are fully insured.

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